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“I have worked with Harrell Associates for over 20 years, both for my own insurance needs and those of my clients.  They are very knowledgeable and keep me informed of changes that I should be aware of. If I should ever need anything they would be there.”
~ D.B. ~ CPA ~ VA

I cannot say enough good things about Pete Harrell and his abilities.  I have enjoyed our friendship as well as his talented and efficient handling of all my families’ insurance needs.  He has brought endless energy, creativity and knowledge to each insurance endeavor.  Pete’s service and responsiveness has always been exemplary. Pete’s suggestions have been driven by a real concern for the needs of me and my family.”
~ F.G.K. ~ Business Consultant ~ VA

Pete Harrell has been my go-to insurance guy for nearly 30 years! His counsel, reliability, professionalism, and friendship have been spectacular. He has helped me so many times over the years and especially with a disability issue. He is very reachable and you can be sure he will have your best interest at heart!.”
~ S.P.B ~ Surgical Urologist ~ Colorado

Harrell Associates has been handling my family's insurance needs for over 10 years. The products they have put us into have saved my bacon on several occasions. When dealing with Harrell Associates you are a customer for life and they’re always there to guide you in the right direction.” 
~ B.W.N. ~ Business Owner ~ NC

“Harrell Associates is a knowledgeable, dependable and delightful company to work with.”
~ T.G.L. ~ CPA ~ VA

“We’ve worked with Harrell Associates for a very long time and enjoy our relationship.  They always provide us with great advice and quality products.  We’re pleased to recommend them anytime!”
~ J.H.S. ~ Business Owner ~ VA

I have known Pete Harrell for 15 years. We initially got to know each other when I was President of Urology of Virginia and Pete took over the insurance for the merged 33 man urology group.  Pete was great at assessing our needs and explaining them to us.  This was not an easy task with 33 personalities involved.  Selling you the insurance is the easy part.  Every salesman must be good at this.  However, you find out more about a person and his integrity when you need to actually use the insurance.  Unfortunately for me, this happened in 2000 when I had to leave my practice and use my disability policies.  Pete helped guide me through filing my claims.  He not only helped me with my group claim (which he sold our group insurance) but also my other policies (which he did not sell to me).  He goes further than the extra mile.  Pete is always giving me sound advice about my actual insurance needs and has helped me make informed decisions on other types of insurance.  They reflected what I needed and not his need to make commissions.  We have since become good friends and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”
~ N.G.M ~ Disabled Physician ~ VA


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